Gearing Out is on a mission to help the world Go Out & Adventure.

We publish in-depth, researched buying guides across a wide array of gear, and aim to cover helpful tips & recommendations relevant for outdoor enthusiasts.

Our Process

Our research & writing team casts a wide net to find the very best gear in sometimes very specific categories. We consult authorities in the space, other consumers via online forums & reviews, product materials from manufacturers, and just about any articles or information we can find. Then, we get to work on our recommendations.

In the majority of cases, we do not test the products ourselves. We believe a singular, personal opinion isn’t as effective as a collective analysis of overall consumer sentiment about an individual product. So, we do a deep dive into what the market says about a product, and report our findings from a methodical, scientific approach.

From time to time, we may have personal experience to offer on a given product. However, our main focus will always be to identify & present the very best products your money can buy. Not just the ones we’ve tried first-hand.

How Does Gearing Out Make Money?

We’re able to do what we do at thanks to fees & commissions from affiliate programs, like

Whenever you click a link on to shopping site like Amazon and make a purchase, we may be credited with a referral fee for your purchase.

We’re able to maintain our integrity by eliminating any & all incentives to recommend any given product over another. We do not accept paid promotions, and our rankings will never be influenced by a deep-pocket brand looking to “buy their way in.”

These links do not cost you anything extra, and help us stay in business doing what we love: researching and recommending the best outdoor & adventure gear.

Want to Join the Team?

Great! We’re always on the lookout for fellow adventurers with a passion for the outdoors and a knack for writing.

Reach out to us via our contact form. Note your interest, give us some background on you & your (outdoor-related) hobbies, and we’d be happy to see if there’s a spot for you on the team!