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Four bike hitch racks are ideal for taking a cycling vacation with your partner and two kids, or a group of friends. Unless you have a seriously oversized vehicle, you will have to buy an external rack for taking your four bikes with you.

If you are serious about cycling, then you should be serious about how you transport your precious bikes. Hitch bike racks are your most reliable option.

Hitch mounted bike racks have several advantages over conventional bike racks. They do not require the tedious fiddling with straps that is required for mounted racks, nor the upper body strength needed for roof racks.

The newest generation of hitch racks are true engineering masterpieces, and they make exploring faraway places with your bike a breeze. They attach to your receiver hitch so there is no need for a base rack. We reviewed both high end and entry level models to give a complete feel for the market.

If you are lucky enough to have a four bike family, there is nothing quite like a group riding adventure to make those fun memories that will last you a lifetime. In this article, we will specifically be focusing on 4 bike hitch racks that mount onto conventional car hitches.

However, hauling around four bikes with your car can be a challenge, and if you use an inferior product you might end up with damage to both your bikes and your automobile. The hitch racks on our list let you pack up a lot of bikes snugly and securely, and still have space for everyone inside your vehicle.

While you could transport four bikes using a Thule roof rack, for example, it would be extremely tricky to get them all up there, and in case of smaller cars there might simply not be enough space. In addition, four bikes on a roof rack can significantly increase aerodynamic drag and adversely affect both car handling and fuel consumption.

Hitch racks can be relatively expensive. However, they have several distinct advantages over other types of car mounted bike racks. A unique feature of hitch racks is that they can have a swing mechanism that allows you to access your trunk without having to remove your bikes and rack.


Ranking Rack Type Max Load Rack weight Hitch type Review Price
#1 Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack Tilting Platform Rack 200lbs 88.2lbs. Only 2″ Read Review See Price on Amazon
#2 Thule 9027 Apex Swing Away Bike Rack Swing away hanging rack 140lbs 42lbs Only 2″ Read Review See Price on Amazon
#3 Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack Tilting Platform Rack 140lbs 86lbs Only 2″ Read Review See Price on Amazon
#4 Yakima SwingDaddy Swing out hanging rack 160lbs 50.06lbs 1.25” and 2” Read Review See Price on Amazon
#5 Yakima Ridgeback Hanging 150lbs 31lbs 1.25” and 2” Read Review See Price on Amazon
#6 Schwinn 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack Hanging 120lbs 27.5lbs 1.25” and 2” Read Review See Price on Amazon

Finding a 4-Bike Hitch Rack That Fits Your Needs

When you Google “4 bike hitch racks”, be prepared for an abundance of results and a lot of stats that may or may not be crucial to your final decision. While we are indeed spoiled for choice, it can be daunting to find the bike rack that is just right for you.

There is a myriad of factors that you need to consider, and they can range from the size and type of your vehicle and hitch to the types and total weight of bikes you will be transporting.

As with any other product, budget is always a legitimate consideration. The models on our list vary significantly in price, and we have tried to evaluate exactly how much bang you get for your buck

There is no universal “best rack” that will excel in every situation; for example, transporting four light carbon fiber road bikes requires a different setup than if you had four hefty fat bikes. A prerequisite for choosing a 4 bike hitch rack that is perfect for you requires you to ask yourself a few key questions.


What is the size of your hitch receiver?

As the name implies, having a hitch receiver on your automobile is a must if you want to use a hitch-mounted bike rack. Some automobiles like trucks and SUVs come with preinstalled hitch receivers. However, the majority of cars do not.

If you do not have a hitch receiver on your vehicle, you will have to add a towing package. This is a basic procedure that can be done by any car mechanic, or by one of many companies like U-Haul. For those who are more DIY inclined, you should be able to install one yourself using a few bolts and a torque wrench.

The type and quality of your hitch receiver dictates how much weight and bulk it can support securely. The industry standard for hitch-mounted bike racks is 2” x 2”. If you already have a 1 .25” x 1.25” receiver, you can find a bike rack that fits. However, they usually can’t hold as much weight as the 2-inch ones.

Will something be getting in the way?

As hitch racks mount close to the back of your vehicle, it is important to account for any possible interfering features. While SUVs, trucks and jeeps are ideal for hitch mounts, some cars with lower suspension could face clearance issues; especially on rougher roads.

Features such as rear-mounted spare tires, spoilers, or removable sunroofs can make installing and using a hitch-mounted rack difficult or impossible. To avoid unpleasant surprises, double-check the distance between any interfering features and the bike rack.

This distance is listed on most bike racks, for just such situations. Have your heart set on a rack but some feature of your automobile is in the way? You can always buy and install a hitch extender for added clearance. Note that the maximum load weight goes down the further your hitch is extended.

What vehicle do you drive?

The size and engine power of your car need to be taken into account, especially when it comes to fully loaded 4 bike racks. Most vehicles can take the extra weight in their stride. However, this is not always the case.

If you have a small, less powerful car, the added weight of a loaded rack can have an adverse effect on gas consumption and suspension. Chances are, if you already have a hitch receiver on your vehicle you should be good to go.

Is trunk access important for you while carrying your bikes?

Mounting four bikes to the rear of your vehicle does have a way of impeding access to your trunk. This can be an inconvenience, especially if you plan on keeping your rack on your vehicle when it is not in use.

Manufacturers have thought about this, and developed a great solution to the problem. Although they are more expensive than basic models, tilting and swinging models allow you to easily move the entire rack out of the way for easy trunk or rear hatch access.

Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best 4-Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

When compiling this list, we categorized all of the products based on a couple of key defining criteria. While some characteristics might not be that important for your final decision, others could be deal breakers.

The following is a comprehensive list of the factors we took into account when compiling our list, based on what experts and customers had to say about their 4 bike hitch mounted racks. The criteria used are type, weight, load weight, stability, security and versatility.



Hitch mounted racks come in two types: platform and hanging racks. With platform racks, the bikes rest on a platform with the point of contact being the bike wheels, while hanging racks suspend the bikes via their frames in such a way that they “hang”.

You can also differentiate racks into static, folding, and swinging racks. You cannot move static racks when you have attached them to your hitch receiver, and block access to your trunk or rear hatch.

Swinging and folding racks allow you to move the rack out of the way, even when fully loaded, in order to access your trunk. These racks do cost more.

However, the swinging or folding feature can be extremely useful. This is especially if you plan to keep the rack on for a longer period of time.

Depending on the type of bikes you plan to transport, the type of rack you choose may or may not be an important factor. You can comfortably mount some bikes onto either type of rack. More unconventionally shaped bicycles might require one specific type of mount.


We have listed a base weight for every model on our list so that you can have an idea of the total weight on your hitch receiver once the rack is fully loaded. While heavier does not always mean better, sturdier and more durable racks tend to weigh more than their more poorly built counterparts.

Load Weight

The load weight is the maximum amount of weight you can put on your bike rack without risking structural damage and/or failure. 4 bike hitch racks generally have quite a high load weight. However, you should aim high for this number just to be on the safe side.


Not all racks are built the same, and what sets a great rack apart from an OK one is how stable it is when loaded with bicycles. The stability of a loaded rack can depend on the holding mechanism, bike spacing, as well as the size and shape of bikes you will be carrying.

A bike rack that does not hold the bikes in place well can cost you dearly. At best, you could damage your bikes or automobile if the bikes have wiggle room and rub against each other, or at worst you could end up losing a bike or two when you drive over a bump or other rough terrain.


When it comes to security, there are two major factors you should be aware of. One is the security of the bikes when they are mounted on the rack, and the other is the security of the rack itself. Most models include built-in locking mechanisms that keep your bike rack securely locked onto your hitch receiver.

While thieves might have a hard time removing your bike rack, the bikes themselves could be easy prey if you are not careful. Some racks have individual locks for each bike. However, additional locks are highly recommended.

What type of rack should I buy?

Hanging racks:

Hanging racks extend upwards from your hitch and the bikes hang at eye level. This is the oldest and most commonplace type of bike rack on the market.

Hanging racks hold bikes in place by their frames, so you should not use this option if you have a carbon fiber bike. Your frame might get damaged during transport.

Step-in, or lady bikes, are another bike model that is not compatible with hanging racks as they have no horizontal top tube. The same is true for some downhill bike models.

Hanging racks are usually less expensive than other types of racks. However, they can require an additional adapter bar to accommodate some types of bike.

Some hanging racks have a fold-down feature that allows easy trunk access. However, you cannot use it when the rack is loaded.

Platform racks:

These racks are usually a bit heavier and more expensive than hanging racks. However, they are more versatile and often more stable. Another advantage of platform racks is that they can accommodate all types of bike without the need for an additional adapter.

Loading and unloading bikes onto a platform rack is quicker and easier than with hanging racks. There are also fewer straps and stability concerns to contend with.

Platform racks do not have any contact with your bike frame, so this is the option to go for if you are concerned about damage to your paint job or denting to your precious carbon frame.

Platform racks are quite versatile, and depending on the specific model, the can be modified to transport other equipment. Many platform racks have an inbuilt swing option that allows you to swing the loaded rack out of the way for trunk access, then swing it back in place when you are done.

How do I keep my bikes safe?

Once you have loaded your bikes onto your rack, they could be an irresistible target for would-be thieves. Even though most bike racks have some safety locks, this alone might not be enough to keep them safe. Using additional heavy-duty U-locks is always a good idea and can be an additional deterrent.

Prevention is the key to safety, and the same rules apply as when parking your bike in a public place. Make sure that you have some visual contact with your bikes at all times, and do not leave them unattended for a long period of time; especially if you are in a sketchy neighborhood.

Why not just go for a mounted rack?

Mounted bike racks are significantly cheaper than hitch-mounted ones. However, you do get what you paid for. Mounted racks use hooks and straps to mount onto the rear door of your hatchback or the trunk and rear window of your automobile.

While they can be good for mounting a single bike, they are not a great option for the safe transport of four bikes. That is because they are prone to buckling under a lot of weight.

Mounted racks are extremely fiddly to set up and dismount and can be a challenge to properly install. Seeing as they require direct contact with many points of your automobile, they can damage the paintwork if installed incorrectly or if you drive over rough terrain.

Can I put a hitch on my car?

If you do not already have a hitch receiver on your automobile, chances are you can get one installed pretty easily. Modern hitches do not require any welding, and most of them do not even require any drilling for installation. There are hitch models to accommodate any type of car; you can even get ones that are specifically designed for smaller models.

Do the racks come with everything I need?

Most bike racks come with everything you need to both install and use them. However, some hanging models will require you to additionally secure your bikes with straps or bungee cords to minimize the risk of them swinging dangerously. As far as installation is concerned, most racks have tool-free installation. However, it is best to check with the manufacturer.

I have four different-sized bikes; how do I stack them on my rack?

All of the products on our list are specifically handpicked for their ability to transport four bicycles securely and safely. There is, however, a bit of an art to mounting four bikes onto a rack in the most effective way.

For starters, make sure that your heaviest bike is nearest to your vehicle, this minimizes strain on your hitch receiver. The next step is to find a way to minimize any contact between your bikes.

Bike handlebars tend to get in the way of finding the best configuration on a rack, so a pro tip is to loosen and rotate your handlebars to be parallel with the bike. This minimizes the width of each bike and can be easily done with an ordinary allen wrench. Just remember to tighten well before you start cycling.

I have a convertible; can I use a bike rack?

If you have a convertible, roof racks and mounted racks are out of the question, as they would impede roof movement. Hitch mounts are ideal for use on convertibles, as the rack is safely out of the way of your moving roof. If you have a convertible, a hitch mount is your best and only option.

Can I go through a car wash with a mounted hitch rack?

The short answer is: definitely not. If you go through a car wash with a hitch-mounted rack, it might snag on some moving parts of the car wash and cause damage to the rack, your car, and the car wash itself. In addition, wand washing can blow dirt underneath the rack system’s pads and this can end up damaging the finish of your bikes and vehicle.

How do I maintain my bike rack?

Bike racks are easy to maintain, all they require is an occasional wash with soapy water. It is recommended that you take your rack off your vehicle for cleaning as this enables you to reach all the places where dirt might have sneaked in. If possible, hose down dirty or muddy bikes before mounting them on your rack, as this will extend the life of both your rack and bikes.

Another key aspect of maintenance is regularly checking your contact points for signs of wear and fatigue. Most manufacturers offer replacement parts and changing worn parts early could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Moving elements such as swing arms should be lubricated from time to time, some basic machine lubricant should do the job just fine.

Rankings & Reviews

Now that we have covered the various pros and cons of each type of hitch bike rack, as well as what to look out for in a quality product, it is time to get on with the product reviews. The competition was tough, and every rack on our list is great in its own way, and has its unique high and low points.

Here is a list of our top 6 picks; complete with all the relevant information, our professional opinion and a breakdown of what users have been saying about each product.

  1. Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack
  2. Thule 9027 Apex Swing Away Bike Rack
  3. Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack
  4. Yakima SwingDaddy
  5. Yakima Ridgeback
  6. Schwinn 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Our #1 Pick: Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack

  • Type: Tilting Platform Rack
  • Weight: 88.2 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Hitch Type: Only 2

High Points: Easy to use, comes with locks and cables, quickly converts from a 4 to a 2 bike rack, lots of customization options, folds flat against car when not in use, can be tilted down for trunk access.

Low Points: Access to rear of car is difficult when all four bikes are on the rack. Once tilted down, it is physically demanding and cumbersome to return the rack to its horizontal position.

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The Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider Bike Platform Rack comes in at number one on our list. That is because it is an all-round heavy duty workhorse. The bikes are held in place with adjustable wheel holders; which means you just drop your bike onto the platform and that’s it. Adjustable padded clamps secure the bikes from above.

This heavy-duty rack can accommodate all types of bike: from road bikes and MTBs to kids and lady bikes. The load weight per bike is 50 lbs., which is more than enough, even for the heaviest bike models.

Another useful feature of this rack is that you can easily convert it from a 4 to a 2-bike rack by removing one 2 bike segment. This is quite useful for families who ride often as a couple, with the occasional four bike outing.

When not in use, the rack folds flat against your automobile. You can also tilt it down to facilitate access to the back of your car or truck. One flaw is that it can be difficult to lift the bike rack back up when it is fully loaded.

As a one-man job it can be tricky. However, if you are already hauling four bikes you can probably get some help with this procedure.

Hollywood Racks offer quite a lot of add-ons and customization options, which sets them apart from other manufacturers. While the base model can fit tires up to 3”, there is a fat tire kit available for chunkier wheel sizes. There is also a trike adapter available for those with trikes or recumbent bikes.

What reviewers say

Reviewers appreciate that the rack can hold any type and size of bike, as well as the fact that the product comes fully assembled. The rack is assembled using pins, which are secured to the rack with cables, meaning you cannot lose the pins.

Several reviewers have also bought the cargo carrier and are satisfied with the additional storage capabilities it provides. The cargo carrier attaches to the rack once the two-bike addition has been reviewed and can fit an impressive amount of cargo.

While this bike rack does accommodate a huge variety of different sized bikes, some reviewers had problems with securing really small kid’s bikes. In cases of small bikes, the top clamp could not be lowered enough to secure the bike. There were no issues with the wheel holders, as they can be positioned to fit any sized bike.

Features & Considerations

While this rack does have a tilting function, be advised that you will probably need a helping pair of hands in order to raise a fully loaded rack into its original position.

When buying this rack, make sure to check you have enough clearance between the ground and your hitch, as a fully loaded rack can drag on the ground on extremely low suspension vehicles. There is a workaround to this problem: you can get special spacers for your hitch receiver that add valuable inches to ground clearance.

This rack is listed as “tool-free”, which is not entirely true. While most of the fittings have quick releases, changing from two to four bike setups requires tools for undoing bolts.

The Next-Best: Thule 9027 Apex Swing Away Bike Rack

  • Type: Swing away hanging rack
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 140 lbs.
  • Hitch Type: Only 2

High Points: Swing arm allows easy access to rear of vehicle, tool-free installation, great bike clearance, can be folded flat against car when not in use, integrated cable lock.

Low Points: Relatively low carrying capacity, not suitable for bikes without horizontal top tubes.

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Thule is a tried and tested brand name that excels in quality outdoor and transportation solutions, and going with this brand name product can give a lot of peace of mind when it comes to building quality.

However, buying any brand-name product will cost you more. The Thule 9027 Apex Swing Away Bike Rack is a simple elegantly designed bike rack that consists of one vertical tube with a horizontal hanging rack on top.

The main feature of this rack is the unique swing away design that lets you swing the fully loaded rack away from your vehicle to gain full access to the rear of your vehicle. Unlike racks that fold down and out of the way, swing-away racks require very little physical effort to operate.

This Thule rack goes above and beyond when it comes to keeping your bikes undamaged. All of the points of contact between rack and bikes include shock absorbing cradles.

They dampen any shocks and jostles that your bikes experience when you drive over rough terrain. This means that you do not have to worry about damage to expensive and fragile carbon fiber frames.

The only reason this rack comes in at number two and not number one is that mounting four adult bikes onto this rack can be an extremely tight fit. It is not impossible. However, you will need to put a lot of thought into finding the exact combination that works without any contact between bikes.

You can install the rack completely tool-free. The Snug-Tire receiver lock is great at reducing hitch rack movement. It locks the hitch rack securely in place. The rack is relatively light, so it is easier to maneuver and store than others.

What reviewers say

All in all, reviewers found this rack easy to set up and install. However, some found the instructions regarding the anti-sway system to be lacking. They claim it is easy to put them on backwards without realizing it.

The swing away feature is a huge selling point for many reviewers. They are very happy with the swing away functionality. They report that it is easy to operate and fold back into place.

While this is a 4-bike rack, several reviewers noticed that it works best as a 3 bike rack. Those who transport four bikes found that using bungee cords to fix front wheels in place minimizes contact between bikes and makes stacking easier.

Features & Considerations

A fully loaded bike rack can be quite heavy, and this is important to remember when using the swing away feature. Swinging a fully loaded rack arm away from your vehicle should be done slowly and cautiously, as swinging it away too quickly can result in a lot of momentum, and the swing arm could get away from you and cause damage.

As with any hanging hitch rack, it is optimal for use with bikes that have solid horizontal top tubes. You might have difficulty attaching kids or step-through type bikes on this rack.

3. Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack

  • Type: Tilting Platform Rack
  • Weight: 86 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 140 lbs.
  • Hitch Type: 2”

High Points: Very durable, easy to install, high carrying capacity. Generous 1 foot spacing between bikes makes this rack easy to load and unload and minimises risk of bikes coming into contact with each other while on the rack.

Low Points: Not intended for bikes with pronounced fenders or recumbent bikes. Cumbersome to remove from car when not in use, quite heavy.

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The Thule T2 Pro XT is meant to be a two-bike rack. However, you can purchase a two-bike add-on which expands it to a four-bike capacity. It is extremely user-friendly once you mount it to your hitch, and is ideal for those users who are extremely cautious in regard to bike damage during transport. There is a one-foot spacing between each bike, and this prevents even the largest bikes from running into each other on the rack, even on rough roads.

This rack is great if you have very heavy bikes, such as cruisers or fat bikes as it has a generous load weight of 60 lbs. per bike. However, the wheel holders can be difficult or impossible to use with bikes that have significantly large fenders.

You can remove fenders while transporting bikes. However, this can be an unwelcome inconvenience.

What reviewers say

Ease of installation is a definite strong side of this rack. Reviewers praised the installation process for being intuitive, clear, and entirely tool-free.

Features & Considerations

The basic two bike model is compatible with either a 2” or 1¼” hitch receiver. However, once you add the two-bike expansion, you can use the rack safely only with 2” hitches.

4. Yakima SwingDaddy

  • Type: Swing out hanging rack
  • Weight: 50.06 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 160 lbs.
  • Hitch Type: 1.25” and 2”

High Points: Lightweight and easy to mount and unmounts. Has hitch and bike locks. Inexpensive for a swing rack, sturdy and well built.

Low Points: When fully loaded, the swinging mechanism can be stiff and difficult to move.

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This model is an upgrade from Yakima’s bestselling non-swing rack, and at only $100 more lets you easily access your trunk using the swing out mechanism.

The rack attaches easily to your vehicle via a built in tool free knob that lets you quickly adjust how tight you want the rack to be on your hitch. The bikes stay in place via their frames. They use innovative ZipStrips. Those are convenient to use and less fiddly than conventional straps.

As with all hanging racks, oddly shaped and kids bikes are somewhat of a problem. Yakima has a workaround for this, and offers TubeTops that let you mount any size and shape of bike without worrying that it won’t be stable.

For what it is, i.e. a swing away 4 bike rack, this model provides great value for money. However, it lacks the rugged build of more expensive models. It does have a lot of character, and even includes a bottle opener.

What reviewers say

Unlike most other pin mounted rack models, this one uses a clinching mechanism. That was an issue for the more safety-conscious reviewers. You need to purchase additional locking mechanisms to increase the level of theft prevention.

Reviewers with heavy bikes noted that a fully loaded rack performs less well than with just two bikes. The swinging mechanism is less smooth and can be jerky when under a full load.

Features & Considerations

Users with two adult bikes and two kid’s bikes were very happy with the rack, and had no complaints regarding functionality. If you plan on carrying four large bikes, Yakima has a FullSwing model that is bigger and a bit sturdier, but also more expensive.

Yakima is quite proud of this model, and even offers a comprehensive “Love it till you leave it” lifetime warranty.

5. Yakima Ridgeback

  • Type: Hanging
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 150 lbs.
  • Hitch Type: 1.25” and 2”

High Points: Quite lightweight and maneuverable. Available in 5-bike model.

Low Points: Not great build quality, no extra features.

At number 5 on our list is the Yakima Ridgeback hanging rack. This is a great starter model, especially for families with adult and kid bikes that will not push the weight limit.

There are no bells and whistles; it is a plain and simple bike rack. There are simple levers that you use for unlocking the hinges. While you cannot move the rack while it is carrying things, it does fold up and down when empty.

For the casual rider, this rack can be a great choice as it is lightweight and easy to maneuver on and off your hitch receiver. We wouldn’t, however, recommend it for extremely heavy bikes on long trips, and for extremely bumpy roads.

What reviewers say

Unlike the other models on our list, this one has varied reviews. People either love it or hate it. In some worst case scenarios, some reviewers reported that their rack broke in two after a few years of use.

On the flip side, satisfied customers praised the value for money that you get with this rack. Almost everyone agreed that it is the perfect entry level model for casual and occasional riders. The lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt either.

The adjustable bike carrying attachments also have varied reviews. While some customers had no issues with them, others reported that they were unwieldy to move around in order to accommodate different types and sizes of bike.

Features & Considerations

This model is definitely not for the pros, as it lacks some safety and security features that are standard on more expensive models. If you think you will need more space for your four bikes to fit comfortably, the manufacturer also offers a 5-bike model that can give you more space for a less cramped fit.

Yakima offers a lifetime warranty and can replace parts if they fail. However, be aware that they might not cover damage and fatigue caused by normal wear and tear.

As there is no added feature to stop your bikes from swinging, you will have to MacGyver your way out of this by using additional straps or bungee cords.

6. Schwinn 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

  • Type: Hanging
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 120 lbs.
  • Hitch Type: 1.25” and 2”

High Points: Extremely lightweight, very quick and easy to install

Low Points: Cannot take a lot of weight, build quality is not that great.

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If the previous model on our list was entry level, this one is ultra-entry level. At around one hundred bucks, it would be tough to find a cheaper functional four bike hitch rack.

This is the lightest model on our list, so could be a contender if you plan to frequently move it on and off your car. It is also easy to carry around and store. There is a lifetime warranty on the steel tubing.

Simplicity of design and speed of mounting are the two factors that got this model on our top 6 list. The manufacturer claims that you can mount it onto your car in five minutes or less. We reviewed the specifications and we have no issues with taking their word for it.

What reviewers say

Given its low price tag, customers were aware of the fact that they were not getting the most stable or heavy duty bike rack. However, the majority of reviewers say that the rack is efficient.

Users with rear mounted spare wheels on their vehicles complained that getting their rack on was an extremely tight fit. However, you can resolve this by using hitch spacers.

Seasonal and casual riders found no fault with the rack. However, more serious cyclists with specialized gear were not at all satisfied. They ended up splurging more money on a higher class of rack.

Features & Considerations

To ensure maximum stability of your bikes on this rack, you will need to do a bit of extra work. If you just mount the bikes onto the rack as is, you might find they shift slightly while driving.

As with other cheaper models, you can achieve stability with a few small interventions. Those can include tying the bikes down with ropes, straps or bungee cords.

The bike rack does have a tilt feature. That lets you tilt it up for compactness or down for rear door access. This tilting feature can cause a slight bit of swaying when you drive.

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