Bell has a huge selection of bicycle racks to choose from, and we have compiled our list of our top 4 Bell bike racks to help you decide on which bike rack is just right for you.

There are two main bike rack systems produced by bell. Trunk racks that attach to your car using straps and hitch racks that are mounted on a hitch receiver underneath your back bumper.

Your choice of bike rack will depend on a lot of variables, ranging from the size, shape and number of bikes you want to transport to the type of vehicle you drive. Bell has a suitable model to suit any need, from professional cyclists to weekend warriors.


RankingProduct NameTypeMax Load WeightBike capacityProduct weight ReviewPrice
#1bell overpass 300 compact folding trunk rackBell Overpass 300 Compact Folding Trunk RackTrunk Rack100lbs39.86lbsRead Review
#2bell hitchbiker 450 4 bike hitch rack with stabilityBell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with StabilityHitch rack, hanging140lbs433lbsRead Review
#3bell rightup 350 bike platform hitch rackBell Rightup 350 Bike Platform Hitch RackHitch rack105lbs322lbsRead Review
#4bell bike cantilever trunk rackBell Bike Cantilever Trunk RackTrunk Rack100lbs312lbsRead Review

Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Bell Bike Racks

When we set out to make our top 4 list, we classified all of the racks based on the following criteria: type, bike capacity, product weight and maximum load weight.


Bell produces two main types of bike rack: trunk racks that are mounted to the rear of your car using adjustable straps and hitch racks that mount to your hitch receiver. Hitch racks can be further categorized based on how the bike is mounted.

Hanging hitch mounted bike racks require you to “hang” the bikes via their top tubes and secure them onto the rack, while platform racks secure the wheels of your bike into place and are somewhat easier to use.

As a rule, trunk mounted bike racks are less expensive, lighter and easier to install than hitch mounted racks. That being said, hitch mounted racks are more stable and require no fiddling with straps, and making sure they are tight at all times.

Bike Capacity

This is the maximum number of bikes you can put safely onto your rack. All of the products on our list are designed to accommodate either 3 or 4 bikes. That being said, they all work perfectly fine when not used at full capacity.

Product Weight

This metric is important for shipping, but also indicates how mobile and easy it will be to store your rack once it is off your vehicle. When it comes to hitch racks, heavier can mean better quality but this is not always the case.

Maximum Load Weight

The maximum load weight is the manufacturer’s recommendation of how much weight your rack can take without malfunctioning or causing damage to your car or bikes. Bell has a 35 lbs. per bike weight limit for most of their racks.

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Rankings and Reviews

Now that you know the basic types of outdoor and indoor bike racks that are available, and what the specific characteristics mean, it is time to get on with our top four list. We have combed the internet for user reviews and relevant information regarding all of the products mentioned below.

When writing our reviews, we have tried to maintain a sense of objectivity; noting both the high and low points of each product. Here is our handpicked top four list of Bell bike racks.

  1. Bell Overpass 300 Compact Folding Trunk Rack
  2. Bell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with Stability
  3. Bell Rightup 350 Bike Platform Hitch Rack
  4. Bell Bike Cantilever Trunk Rack

Our #1 Pick: Bell Overpass 300 Compact Folding Trunk Rack

bell overpass 300 compact folding trunk rack
  • Type: Trunk rack
  • Bike capacity: 3
  • Product weight: 9.86 lbs
  • Max load weight: 100 lbs

The High Points:
Works on almost any type of car. Easy to install and folds up compactly when not in use for easy storage. Great value for money, ideal for the casual cyclist.
The Low Points:
Can damage paint if not installed correctly, can obscure license plates depending on the type of vehicle and type/number of bikes mounted on it.

The Bell Overpass 300 Compact Folding Trunk Rack comes in at first place on our list as the clear winner in the “value for money” category. This bike rack packs a lot of punch, as it is can easily transport up to three bikes while being extremely lightweight and easy to install.

In addition, the Overpass 3000 can be folded to a size of 5.2 x 6.9 x 15.5 inches when not in use, so you can keep it in your trunk until you need it. This gives it a competitive edge over more bulky hitch or roof racks that require separate storage when not on your vehicle.

Installation of this bike rack is completely tool-free, and the entire bike rack comes pre-assembled. The only thing you need to look out for is maintaining the proper tension on each strap that attaches the rack to your vehicle.


Overall, the Bell Overpass 300 Compact Folding Trunk Rack received positive reviews from customers, regardless of what type of vehicle they were using it with. Ease of installation and storage were among the most commonly praised characteristics of this rack.

While customers who use the rack for recreational use were extremely satisfied, other types of user were not. There were some complaints that loading the rack with three large bikes felt a little precarious. Some users with kids’ or step-through frames needed to purchase an additional tension bar for the best fit.

The bike rack was for the most part praised as safe and stable, even on longer trips. That being said, a few reviewers advised checking the strap tightness every so often, especially on longer voyages over bumpy terrain. A loose strap can lead to damage to your car, rack and bikes.

Occasional users with more than one vehicle appreciated the fact that this rack was quick and easy to mount and dismount. This lets you use it on different vehicles without much hassle or elbow grease.


This product has to be placed on the back of your car, so using it is not advisable if you have anything on your car that could obstruct the rack. For example, a spare rear mounted wheel or a rear spoiler could render this product useless.

While this rack is easy to mount, you will have to take special care when securing the hooks that latch onto your car, as improper installation could lead to damaged or scratched bodywork. This is why you should always be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear, such as damaged hooks or rubber coating.

The Overpass 3000 is versatile enough to fit on almost any type of vehicle. However, there is one glaring exception. If the rear door of your van or SUV has a glass border, i.e. if installing the rack requires direct contact with glass, it is might not safe to use.

Not certain if this rack is right for your car? You can always consult the Bell fit charts available on their website. If you are still unsure after looking at the chart, get in touch with Bell’s customer support.

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The Next Best: Bell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with Stability

bell hitchbiker 450 4 bike hitch rack with stability
  • Type: Hitch rack, hanging
  • Bike capacity: 4
  • Product weight: 33 lbs.
  • Max load weight: 140 lbs.

The High Points:
Sturdy and durable construction, soft stability cradles keep bikes separated and secure when mounted. Tilts away for easy access to the rear of your car. Can be folded down when not in use to save space.
The Low Points:
Installation is not tool free. The rack can feel a bit crowded when loaded with four bikes, especially if they are bulky.

The second best rack on our list trades versatility and mobility for rock solid stability and build quality. As the Bell Hitchbiker rack mounts onto a hatch, so you will need one on your vehicle before installation. This rack fits both 2” and 1.25” receivers.

Once mounted, the Bell Hitchbiker 450 can carry up to 140 lbs. of total weight, or around 35 lbs. per bike if you want to use it at full capacity. The rack has a rich powder coat finish that protects it from the elements and from daily scuffs and scratches.

Bike sway is minimized thanks to special soft stability cradles that keep your bikes stationary and separated from each other at a safe distance. There is also an integrated security loop that allows you to lock your bikes when they are mounted on the rack. The security cable is not included, allowing you to lock your bikes with a cable of your choice.

This 4 bike rack is relatively simple and elegant. There is some great attention to detail going on. One such feature is the red reflective end caps located at the ends of the two bike carrying arms. When the bike rack is empty, it can fold down completely.


Customers are extremely happy with this rack. The only significant complaints come from users who found it a bit tricky to install. The rack received high marks for stability and sturdiness.

Some users wanted to move the cradles from their equidistant stock position in order to accommodate bikes of different shapes and sizes. While this is possible, it took quite a lot of effort to do. The cradles will not move or change position when loaded.

Bell has a “Fit Guarantee” that allows you to return the product and get a full refund if it does not fit your vehicle. This was a major selling point for some customers who were not sure if their hitch and vehicle were compatible with the rack.


Once you install it, you secure the hitch rack to your car using a sturdy hitch pin that should be enough to deter would-be rack thieves. If you are more concerned with security, a good tip is to replace this hitch pin with a compatible padlock for greater peace of mind.

The rack will work on both 2” and 1.25” hitch receivers, the only difference being that you use the spacer to go from 1.25” to 2”. If you plan on loading the rack at maximum capacity, the bigger hitch rack is a safer bet due to superior stability.

As with hanging trunk racks, some types of bike are not right for this type of mounting system. If that is the case, adapters that facilitate irregular frame types such as kids’ and women’s bikes provide a cheap and effective workaround to this problem.

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Our Next Favorite: Bell Rightup 350 Bike Platform Hitch Rack

bell rightup 350 bike platform hitch rack
  • Type: Hitch rack, platform
  • Bike capacity: 3
  • Product weight: 22 lbs.
  • Max load weight: 105 lbs.

The High Points:
Extra-large tire trays can accommodate 16”-29” diameter wheels, as well as fat bike tires up to 3”wide. Great for bikes with unconventional frame designs.
The Low Points:
The product itself is quite bulky, so can be a disadvantage if you do not have a lot of storage space, or if you plan to be taking the rack on and off your car frequently.

When it comes to accommodating bikes of any size and type, platform racks reign supreme. The location and positioning of your bike’s top tube is irrelevant, as the bicycles rest on their own wheels when mounted to this type of rack.

While putting an unusually shaped bike onto a hanging carrier requires additional hardware and brainstorming, they fit simply and securely onto the Bell Rightup 350 Bike Platform Hitch Rack. This is great for fat bikes, full suspension bikes, cruisers, step-through bikes and kids’ bikes.

Once you mount three bikes onto this rack, you will not have to worry about them rubbing together or hitting into each other on bumpier roads. The Bell Rightup Bike Platform rack has two sturdy padded hoops that help stabilize bikes while keeping them securely separated from one another.

As with all other Bell hitch racks, you can use this one with both 1.25” and 2” inch receivers. Installation is simple: you just need to slide the rack into your hitch receiver, align the holes of the hitch receiver with the rack and secure into place with the provided locking bolt. After this you just need to tighten it with the wrench that comes with it, and you have installed the rack.

A glaring downside of this rack is that there are no additional security options built into it. However, you can add a padlock to the rack, and use a chain to further secure your bikes onto the rack to deter potential bike thieves.


All in all, it is a reasonable bike rack for the price. As far as installation, many users took issue with the instructions that come with it.

They are exclusively in picture format. Some people misinterpret them. There are, however, many straightforward and clear instructional videos available online.

Once mounted, there were no complaints regarding stability or performance. Some users, however, found that the fit was too tight for their receivers, but got around this problem by sanding some paint off of the part of the rack that inserts into the hitch receiver.

Reviewers noted that the rack, while relatively inexpensive, does not look or feel cheap. Many reviewers recommended purchasing additional locks, as these are not provided by the manufacturer.


While this rack does a great job of securing bikes in place and keeping them separated, you might need to take some precautions if you are transporting fragile frames over rough terrain. If, for example, you have an expensive carbon fiber bike, it is best to improvise some kind of buffer between your bike frame and the upright support.

The rack does have a tilt-down mechanism that allows rear door access, but this can be difficult to activate when the rack is fully loaded. Do not do this unless you have some help from a friend. When the rack is empty, it folds up close to your vehicle to save space and not get in the way of regular driving.

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4. Bell Bike Cantilever Trunk Rack

bell bike cantilever trunk rack
  • Type: Trunk rack
  • Bike capacity: 3
  • Product weight: 12 lbs.
  • Max load weight: 100 lbs.

The High Points:
Works on almost any type of car. Simple design and not that many moving parts make it a no-brainer to install and operate.
The Low Points:
Can damage paint if not installed correctly. Not as compact as folding models.

The Cantilever model is a close relative to our number one pick, the Overpass model. The apparent difference in these models is that the Cantilever has two sturdy carved pieces of metal. It does not fold for storage as compactly as the Overpass.

The Cantilever also a bit heavier than the Overpass. However, this might be a slight advantage when it comes to stability. Oversized patented adjustable hubs allow a custom fit, and let you easily find the perfect rack angle for your vehicle.

The rack attaches to your car using four well-engineered straps, and can securely accommodate three bikes. The bikes connect to the rack via cushioned straps that provide a tight secure fit.


As with any strap-mounted rack, some reviewers noticed that sub-par installation van lead to paint damage on your car. Another unique grievance was that this bike rack can block rear window wipers on some specific hatchback models.

When they loaded it fully, some reviewers complained that the rack was not particularly sturdy. Some people also complained about some of the plastic used on this product. They claimed the plastic buckles are prone to getting brittle if exposed to too much sunlight.

A definite advantage of this rack is value for money. It would be tough to find a better product for the same amount of money.


You need to place part of this rack on the rear window of your car or SUV. So you should be mindful of the foam padding on the rack. Check regularly for damage and signs of wear in order to avoid potential damage.

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