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When it comes to servicing your vehicle, there’s no such thing as too much safety, durability, or reliability. Unfortunately, even the best floor jack may be unstable, and limited by the size of the base of the jack. The higher you need to lift your vehicle, the worse this problem gets.

Car ramps work similarly to a floor jack, but provide a more stable platform.

With car ramps, you simply set them out on your garage floor and then drive your vehicle up onto them. Because they don’t necessarily need to do any lifting, they can be built much wider and stronger than a simple jack and are better options for long-term servicing.

Various specifications, such as weight capacity, ground clearance, material, and width dictate what the best ramp might be for you.

In this article we took a look at some of the top ramps in each category to help you choose the one that is right for you.

6 Best Car Ramps


Our Top Pick: Race Ramps RR-40

  • Weight Capacity: 6000 lbs. (combined)
  • Length: 40”
  • Material/Construction Type: “space foam”
  • Height of Lift: 7”
  • Tire Size Supported: under 8”
  • High Points: non-marking material, durable, lightweight
  • Low Points: narrow tracks
Why this is a Top Pick:

This product is one of the top selling online car ramps and with good reason. It boasts a sturdy, unmoving platform that shows no sign of damage or wear even after being pushed to its maximum weight limit.

Moreover, the high weight point combined with the good clearance means that most vehicles can use this ramp without risk of scraping.

What Reviewers Say:

The Race Ramps RR-40 receives overwhelmingly positive reviews due to its durability and reliability.

The lightweight foam material is especially valuable since it ensures that the ramps don’t mark up the floor and also makes them deceptively lightweight.

They also don’t flex or bend under weight, which makes it easier to trust them while servicing your vehicle.

Features and Considerations:

Some of the most important things to consider with ramps such as these are the dimensions of your vehicle. This model features a 16.8-degree angle and a 7-inch lift, so make sure that your vehicle can clear this when you drive up the ramp. Additionally, consider whether you need a heavier-duty ramp if you drive a vehicle much larger than the weight specifications.

One nice thing about this model is that it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if they don’t work for you on your first try you can return them for something more suited to your needs.

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The Runner-Up: Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set


  • Weight Capacity: 12,000 lbs.
  • Length: 35”
  • Material/Construction Type: plastic
  • Height of Lift: 6.5”
  • High Points: lightweight, sturdy, secure
  • Low Points: can be difficult to position car on ramps initially
Why this is a Top Pick:

These Scepter ramps are a good middling option for most users. They are still made of plastic which lets them be sold at a very reasonable price point, but they boast better durability and reliability than other more budget options.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviewers find these to be very reliable and have not found that they fail under proper use. Moreover, the finishing on them doesn’t mark up their surroundings and lasts a long time.

One concern some people have encountered is that initially getting the car up the ramp can be a little tricky. Nevertheless, with some practice it should not be something that stops you from using these ramps.

Features and Considerations:

The Scepter ramps are 35” long with a 17.5-degree angle. This is slightly steeper than many ramps, so check your clearance carefully. Additionally, consider whether you want a plastic ramp or if you want to go for the peace of mind offered by the more expensive metal options.

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Best Budget Option: RhinoGear RhinoRamps

  • Weight Capacity: 16,000 lbs.
  • Length: 37”
  • Material/Construction Type: plastic with polymer supports
  • Height of Lift: 6½”
  • High Points: budget-friendly, lightweight
  • Low Points: harder to get your car up the ramp, only safe for use on flat and hard surfaces.
Why this is a Top Pick:

The RhinoRamps come at a price point that is hard to beat. They are light and easy to set up, and are rated for a high weight class.

Moreover, their reasonable size makes them useful for most vehicle sizes. These are a great option for people conducting infrequent maintenance or service on smaller to midsize vehicles.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviewers are mostly positive about the RhinoRamps, but they do point out a few notable challenges that set it apart from the more expensive options out there. When used on soft or uneven surfaces the uneven weight distribution has been known to crack these ramps – one of the risks of using plastic materials.

Additionally, some people find that the ramps shift a little bit when they drive their cars onto them, which makes it challenging to line their car up correctly, especially when working alone. Despite these issues, people like the price point, the portability, and the grippy material the ramps are made out of.

Features and Considerations:

As always, consider the dimensions of the ramp and your vehicle – the RhinoRamps have a 17-degree incline and a 6.5” height, so again, make sure your car will clear it.

Additionally, if you have a really large vehicle, it will probably be worth it for you to invest in a heavier duty model. Some users report that these ramps flex, bend, or otherwise become damaged under heavier vehicles.

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Best for Low-Clearance Vehicles: Discount Ramps Rage Powersports ML-1066

  • Weight Capacity: 3000 lbs.
  • Length: 66”
  • Material/Construction Type: aluminum
  • Height of Lift: 7”
  • High Points: low clearance, aesthetics, reliability
  • Low Points: size, durability of rubber pieces
Why this is a Top Pick:

Some vehicles need something extra gentle in order to avoid scraping their bumper on the way up a ramp. Or, alternatively, you may want something shiny to display your nice sports car. In any case, the Ramps Rage Powersports is perfect for low-to-the-ground vehicles since it features a gentle incline on a sturdy reliable frame.

What Reviewers Say:

The lightweight and portable nature of these sturdy frames keeps people happy, and they can safely support cars with even the lowest of clearance.

Many reviewers have found that the rubber protective pieces on the bottom wear off quickly, which can cause damage to the bottom of the ramp over time, but there are workarounds available to prevent too much scraping.

Additionally, the shiny aluminum won’t look out of place in a showroom or in a garage. It’s an all-around good purchase.

Features and Considerations:

This is really designed for sports cars and other smaller vehicles. It has a really long ramp at just an 11.5-degree angle. This is great if you need that clearance, but a little rough if you are working in a smaller garage or shop.

Additionally, these ramps are not marked for high-weight vehicles. Other options are better for heavy-duty applications.

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Best Heavy-Duty Car Ramp: OTC 5268 20-Ton

  • Weight Capacity: 20 tons
  • Length: 53”
  • Material/Construction Type: steel, rubber wheels
  • Height of Lift: 8-10”
  • Other features: wheels, T-handle, lifetime warranty
  • High Points: Heavy duty, sturdy, taller lift height, warranty
  • Low Points: Price point, size
Why this is a Top Pick:

The OTC ramp is really unsurpassable in its capabilities. It can support a ludicrous amount of weight and boasts a variety of other features to make it one of the top contenders for the best ramp. The main thing holding it back from being the most popular ramp is that most people just don’t need that many features.

Nevertheless, if you want something that will not fail you, this is the model for you.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviewers love the reliability and larger size of this ramp. At max height it is several inches taller than most of the other ramps on the market.

Moreover, this thing is practically indestructible. The solid steel components don’t damage or wear over time and it rarely slips while being loaded.

One concern some people have is the size and weight of the model. As a longer, taller, bigger, and stronger model, it comes as no surprise that it is quite heavy. However, it comes with wheels and a handle to make it easier to roll around.

Features and Considerations:

Weight limits won’t be a concern with these ramps, but you may want to consider the clearance you need for your vehicle. Additionally, double-check that you have the storage space for these ramps.

You may also need to pay an extra couple of dollars for shipping, since this is essentially a steel brick in the shape of a car ramp.

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Best Ramp for Trailers: Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp

  • Weight Capacity: 15,000 lbs.
  • Length: 26”
  • Material/Construction Type: polymer
  • Height of Lift: 4.5”
  • High Points: made specifically for trailers, high weight capacity
  • Low Points: low lift height
Why this is a Top Pick:

Trailers tend to have slightly different applications and needs when it comes to ramps. As such, it is a good idea to invest in a ramp made specially for trailers. The Trailer-Aid ramp has a higher weight capacity paired with a lower lift height since most trailers won’t need as much height for easy access.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviewers with smaller trailers or with torsion-type hitches find that these ramps work as advertised. They are sturdy and reliable when it counts. Some people have found, however, that they don’t provide enough lift to really get their tires off the ground.

Double-check how much lift you need on your trailer before investing in these ramps. It may be the case that a trailer jack is really what you will end up needing.

Features and Considerations:

Take careful note: the designers of these ramps specify that they are not designed for tandem trailers. With trailers especially there are a wide range of heights and widths available. This ramp is better for smaller trailers that require less clearance.

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