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Unless you’re lucky enough to have space to store bikes out of sight and the elements in a communal rack or storage space, an indoor bike rack may be your best option.

No matter how much you love them, bikes can be awkward to store; the right indoor rack keeps bikes out of the way. It also protects them from accidental bumps and can add an aesthetic element to even the smallest city apartment.

The rack that will be best for you depends on several factors, including how many bikes you own and what will fit in your space.

Here’s our guide to finding the right indoor bike rack to meet your needs:

7 Best Indoor Bike Racks

Best Overall Rack: The Steadyrack Classic

  • Type: Wall installation
  • Number of Bikes Stored: 1
  • The High Points: Swivels out of the way even while holding a rack, high weight capacity
  • The Not-So-Great: Can be tricky to install. Bolt covers hard to take on and off. Plastic body can be fragile, holds only one bike.
Why it’s a Top Pick:

This is among the best choices out there to hold a single bike against the wall. The swivel makes the rack one of the most space-efficient options for wall-mounted racks.

It starts out at a 90-degree angle, and allows for easy loading by rolling your bike’s front tire up the wall and into the wire cradle, which securely holds most tires from multiple angles. Once the bike is in place, you can rotate it to hang flat against the wall out of the way.

It holds up to 77 lbs., making it a solid choice for virtually any non-motorized bike. You won’t need to do a lot of heavy lifting compared to other options that grab onto the front tire, and the rack itself has no contact with the frame or rims, only the tires.

What Reviewers Say:

This is among the most popular indoor racks on the market and is an established fan favorite.

It can be irritating to set up, as it doesn’t come with instructions; reviewers report turning to YouTube for better constructions instructions. Many suggest buying your own wall anchor hardware.

It’s one of the easiest hanging racks to load and unload bikes from, making it a particular favorite among families who want to encourage children to actually use the rack as intended. It’s one of the only vertical racks which doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting.

Features and Considerations:

This rack can only hold one bike, but is cost-effective enough that you could purchase multiple racks for more, though it can be challenging to find suitable studs to hang multiple racks securely.

It generally works with wheels between 20-29” diameter and can hold up to 2.4” thick tires.

For optimal security, it’s best to buy your own wall hanging hardware. Though the included pack is functional, it can be flimsy and work its way out of the wall over time or snap off if jerked.

It’s also a good idea to leave a little extra room below the rack (installing it a bit higher than recommended) to make sure all bike sizes can clear the ground.

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Best For Storing Multiple Bikes: Delta Cycle Michelangelo

  • Type: Wall (leaning)
  • Capacity: Comes in 2 and 4 bike models
  • The High Points: No attaching or hardware required; rack leans against wall. Holds up to 4 bikes efficiently, adjustable arms
  • The Not-So-Great: Doesn’t fit nonstandard bike frames. Some bikes are angled when on stand, and there are some manufacturing issues and quality inconsistencies
Why it’s a Top Pick:

If you have a full family of bikes, or just want a place to store road and mountain bikes side by side, many of the options on this list won’t work, unless you purchase multiple racks and go through the hassle of installing them individually.

This rack can hold up to four bikes in one convenient central location. It doesn’t require any hardware or drilling to assemble or attach; it leans against the wall and is supported by adjustable arms. That way, it keeps bikes from rubbing against the wall and holds them securely.

It also works well for more convenient bike maintenance and repairs, holding bikes at eye level.

What Reviewers Say:

This rack is particularly popular among families with limited apartment space, who need to store multiple bikes but may not want to damage walls or go through the hassle of installing permanent hardware.

This rack offers rubber arm sleeves that keep bikes from getting banged up and add a layer of air between bikes at the wall, preventing damage. Some reviewers report that bike pedals can still mark the wall, depending on how wide their frames are.

Women’s bikes and nonstandard frames also might not hang level on the rack; they still should work, but may require some adjustment. Arms can’t lock when bikes aren’t loaded, and it can be tricky to lift a heavy bike into the highest position on the rack.

Features and Considerations:

The rack comes with anchoring hardware, but this isn’t necessary in most cases. The design shifts the rack’s center of gravity so that the bike is effectively pulled towards the wall instead of away from it.

It is more stable when weighed down; if you have only one bike, you may have difficulty when taking it on and off the rack, as the empty rack isn’t all that sturdy on its own.

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Runner-Up Space-Saver for Multiple Bikes: TidyGarage Wall Mounted Rack

  • Type: Wall (mounted)
  • Number of Bikes Stored: 4-6 with extension
  • The High Points: Saves space, holds many bikes securely.
  • The Not-So-Great: Can be flimsy, hard to get all bikes onto the rack
Why it’s a Top Pick:

If you have lots of bikes and aren’t worried about installing something permanently into your wall, the TidyGarage rack is a great option. It’s essentially a metal triangle with adjustable hooks which grab onto the front tires of up to six bikes.

It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to use, especially considering that you should only need one rack to hold multiple bikes, instead of purchasing each hook separately.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviewers report that this is a cost-effective and straightforward wall rack for multiple bikes. It easily holds the advertised number of bikes and can accommodate a fairly wide range of tire sizes and any frame configuration.

It can be a bit challenging to lift heavy bikes onto the frame, as standard-size frames need to be lifted so that the front tire is eye level to hang bikes on the frame. It’s also challenging to access the bike hanging closest to the wall when the rack is fully loaded.

The company also has a stellar customer-service reputation for missing or damaged parts.

Features and Considerations:

Make sure to hang this rack on a stud, not drywall. It’s also worth double-checking the weight of your bikes to make sure it doesn’t exceed the weight limit (300 lbs.), though the metal itself is fairly sturdy.

Bikes will fit better if you alternate directions and adjust the pedal locations to pass through other frames.

You can also buy a second rack and store bikes horizontally instead of vertically, depending on your space constraints.

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Best Ceiling Rack: Racor Bike Lift

  • Type: Ceiling
  • Number of Bikes Stored: 1
  • The High Points: Pulley system reduces weight and locking mechanism keeps bike secure until released.
  • The Not-So-Great: Pull-down release doesn’t always work effectively, rope can fray and wear out over time
Why it’s a Top Pick:

When you run out of space on the ground, the only direction left to go is up. A ceiling rack frees up space on the floor by hoisting your bike up and out of the way. The locking mechanism ensures that the bike stays securely in place until you want it to come down.

This option is essentially a set of hooks mounted on a long nylon cord and outfitted with a pulley system. The hooks attach to the handlebars and bike seat, and the pulley system makes it a quarter as hard to lift as it otherwise would be.

It’s an inexpensive solution, and makes for easy overhead storage of a single bike.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviews report that it’s very easy to lift bikes onto this rack; storing bikes high overhead protects them from damage and frees up valuable floor or wall space.

The quality of the pulleys and hooks is solid; the metal is sturdy enough for even very heavy bikes, though it can only hold one. If you load and unload your bike very frequently, some reviews mention that the rope can start to fray over time.

The brake grabs at the rope like the cord on window blinds, and it also runs through a hole near the brake which can cause wear. However, the basic nylon cord can easily be replaced cheaply at a hardware store.

Features and Considerations:

If your ceiling is not high enough to hold your bike and leave enough space for you to comfortably walk or work under, this isn’t the best option.

The system can be installed on ceilings as high as 14 feet, and the provided rope is 50 feet long. If your ceilings are higher, it’s possible to purchase a longer cord by multiplying your ceiling height times four, and adding additional length for the distance between pulleys.

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Best Decorative Rack: CorSurf Foldaway

  • Type: Wall (installation)
  • Number of Bikes Stored: One
  • The High Points: Attractive, multi-functional wood design, folds away when not in use
  • The Not-So-Great: Low weight tolerance, doesn’t hold women’s frames or full suspension mountain bikes
Why it’s a Top Pick:

This shelf-rack combo turns your bike into an attractive piece of wall art, and holds accessories or anything else you want to put on the included shelf. It’s made of eco-friendly bamboo and easily folds out of the way when not in use.

For all those living in a closet-sized room or who just have space at a premium, this is an excellent choice.

What Reviewers Say:

This rack is particularly popular among those with small apartments and no shared space for bike storage.

It’s an attractive, minimalist design which holds many bikes effectively and easily. The one common complaint is that the included hardware can be flimsy.

Features and Considerations:

This rack includes a basic wooden double hook which supports the bike frame in two spots. In other words, it will only work as intended if your bike has a relatively thin frame that fits in the non-adjustable wooden hooks, and you have a horizontal bar.

Women’s bikes and full-suspension mountain bikes, as well as any other bikes with nonstandard frames, will not fit effectively in this rack.

As the hardware is the biggest drawback about the rack’s design itself, purchasing additional screws to attach it can help make it a bit more stable. As with any wall and ceiling-mounted rack, make sure you attach it to a stud and not the drywall.

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Best Floor Stand: Bikehand Bike Floor Parking

  • Type: Floor (freestanding)
  • Number of Bikes Stored: 1
  • The High Points: Don’t need to lift bike to put it on the rack, three point secure, foldable when not in use
  • The Not-So-Great: Takes up a lot of space, can be annoying to unload bikes if you want to store them on carpeting.
Why it’s a Top Pick:

This model works by cupping the bottom of the bike’s tire and keeping it from moving around.  Even skinny tires can be easily secured, and it’s surprisingly stable and secure given its small profile and appearance.

It also folds out of the way when not in use for better space savings, and is lightweight and straightforward to put together.

What Reviewers Say:

Compared to other options on the list, the rack doesn’t save a ton of space. What it does do well, according to the majority of reviewers, is keep bikes upright and from falling over and getting damaged. It’s a solid step up from leaning your bike against the wall or leaving it standing in the middle of the floor.

On the other hand, if you have carpet or very heavy bikes, it can be irritating to load your bike.

It also doesn’t come with instructions, though it’s pretty easy to figure out, as no assembly is required.

The frame is metal and highly durable, but still lightweight enough to transport easily.

Features and Considerations:

These make great working stands for fixing or adjusting bikes.

They also fold up easily and can be transported, making them a great choice if you plan to race and need a reliable way to keep your bike upright away from home.

It’s possible to purchase several and set them up in a row to support multiple bikes. If you have a fat-tire bike, it may still work with this rack, unless the tires are over 3 or 4 inches.

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Best for Minimalists on a Budget: c

  • Type: Wall (Installation)
  • Number of Bikes Stored: One per hook
  • The High Points: Easy to install, fits many bikes, inexpensive
  • The Not-So-Great: Can get your wall dirty, doesn’t hold bikes that securely, doesn’t fit all tires
Why it’s a Top Pick:

If you’re looking to minimize costs and need a small rack that doesn’t take up space, this small wall hanger is a simple, easy option.

It’s essentially a rubberized hook which bolts into a wall. To use it, you’d lift the front tire up against the wall and hook the rack onto the frame of the front tire. It also has a small plate which keeps the tire from rubbing against the wall.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviewers describe this rack as a simple, plug-and-play option which will work on virtually any bike except those with extremely wide tires.

It’s sturdy enough to support most bikes, though as with other options it may be a good idea to upgrade the hardware.

One possible drawback is that, while the included plate keeps the front tire from rubbing against your wall, in some cases the rear tire can still cause scuff marks or damage when you take the bike on and off. Using a board to install it can both make the installation more secure and add an extra inch or so of space to prevent this.

It can also be irritating to lift the bike every time you want to put it back on the rack. Still, this is one of the best value-for-your-money options out there, and is highly functional with a little DIY effort.

Features and Considerations:

The rack can hold up to 65 lbs., and given the low price, you could easily purchase additional hooks to hold more bikes. It works best in areas like a garage where you have some space to play with, as bikes will stick out from the wall at a 90-degree angle.

As mentioned above, if you plan to hang multiple bikes, it’s worth adding a board or carefully locating studs in the wall to make sure you can support the bikes.

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How We Ranked Our List

Indoor bike racks offer an inexpensive and relatively easy way to save space and protect your walls and your bikes from damage.

Of course, many types of rack have been invented. At a minimum, these include:

  • Free Standing Racks (which are small, easy to load and unload, and easy to move, but take up more space)
  • Wall Leaning Racks (which don’t damage walls, can be moved easily, and use gravity to support bikes and don’t require hardware, but can be unstable or difficult to load and unload without knocking it all over)
  • Wall Mounted Racks (a more permanent and sturdy option that look more intentional but require screwing hardware into walls and sometimes considerable time and effort to install)
  • Wall Floor-to-Ceiling Racks (uncommon and not featured on this list, but usually use springs to support bikes against a wall without drilling anything)
  • Ceiling Racks (which are simple and inexpensive, but can be a huge hassle to install and use each time, and which require high ceilings)

Which of these options will be best for you varies considerably from person to person and space to space. A family intending to store 8 bikes in a crowded garage has very different needs from someone in a micro apartment who needs to store a single road bike out of the way.

There are excellent DIY minimalist options out there that essentially just require screwing a simple hook into the wall. Other installations are more portable or more elaborate; depending on your needs, there’s probably a good option out there for you.

When ranking our list, we considered durable, popular options that had a good track record of customer satisfaction, were easy to use, and didn’t cause damage to walls or bikes.

More specifically, we looked at:

Ease of Use and Installation

Some people are interested in configuring the perfect solution, whatever construction project is necessary. Others have no desire to do this, and want a simple, set-it-and-go option.

If you don’t want to make marks on your walls or ceiling, this will also factor into your decision.

Virtually no one wants to spend extra minutes lifting and wrestling with bikes on their way in or out the door. This is particularly true if the people who will be using the racks are children.

So, within each type of rack, we looked for options that were as simple as possible to install and use.

Bike Rack Type of Rack Assembly Required?
Steadyrack Classic Wall installation Yes, minor
Delta Cycle Michelangelo Wall leaning No
TidyGarage Wall Mounted Rack Wall installation Yes, extensive
Racor Bike Lift Ceiling Yes, extensive
CorSurf Foldaway Wall installation Yes
Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Floor Rack No
Dirza Bike Rack Garage Mount Wall installation Yes, minor

Capacity: How Many Bikes?

If you have a lot of bikes or a big family, the best rack is one that can inexpensively hold many bikes and save as much space as possible. When considering multiple-bike holders, we looked for sturdy racks that held up to heavy duty use with multiple bikes.

Many can easily be purchased in groups or stacked to store multiple bikes (as noted below), but you’ll need to purchase separate racks for each bike you want to hold.

Bike Rack Number of Bikes Held
Steadyrack Classic One per rack (stackable)
Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 or 4
TidyGarage Wall Mounted Rack Up to 6
Racor Bike Lift 1
CorSurf Foldaway 1
Bikehand Bike Floor Parking 1 per rack (stackable)
Dirza Bike Rack Garage Mount 1 per hook (stackable)

Value For Your Money

Unlike many other types of gear, indoor bike racks aren’t always a product for which you get what you pay for. In fact, it’s often the simplest solutions which work the best.

Still, higher price tags do often translate into better durability, hardware quality, or installation convenience. If it doesn’t work at all, you may end up spending even more money on replacement parts.

If you do pay more, we wanted to make sure that you got the best possible value for that investment in the form of better quality or added features.

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