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Driving any oversized load is a challenge, with a steep learning curve; but using the best towing mirrors will give you that extra bit of confidence, safety and visibility. Although some drivers might view towing mirrors as not strictly necessary, it is illegal to tow a large load without using the proper mirrors specialized for your rig.

The law requires you to have additional mirrors installed when towing anything that is wider than the rear of your towing vehicle. This applies to anything you might tow with your car or truck: from trailers and caravan to a boats and horseboxes.

If you do not use towing mirrors when hauling, you can be prosecuted, get points taken off your license and your insurance might be voided in case of an accident. Worse than that, you will be endangering your safety and the safety of others by having glaring blind spots on the road behind you.

There is a mind-boggling variety of different towing mirrors on the market, so gooseneck RV and towing enthusiasts really are spoiled for choice. A perk of towing mirrors is that you can take them off and store them when you are not towing anything with your car. This not only does wonders for the aesthetics of your vehicle, but is also useful for reducing the chance of damage or theft.

An important thing to note is that all towing mirrors must comply with federal and state regulations, so be sure to buy from a retailer, as older secondhand mirrors might not be road legal. As a rule of thumb, don’t buy any mirror older than five years and you should be good to go in the eyes of the law.


Ranking Product Name Type Config Features Review Price
#1 DEDC Ford F250 F350 F450 Replacement Double Power operated, heated, blinker, telescoping Read Review See Price on Amazon
#2 CIPA 11950 Universal Single Read Review See Price on Amazon
#3 CIPA Black USA 10950 Custom Single Read Review See Price on Amazon
#4 Fit System 62075-76G Replacement Double Power operated, heated, blinkers, telescope. Read Review See Price on Amazon
#5 JR Products 2912 Universal Single Telescoping Read Review See Price on Amazon

Finding a Towing Mirror That Works for You

Towing mirrors are as diverse and varied as the vehicles that need them. There is no ideal mirror for every vehicle and every situation, so knowing the exact type of mirror that will work best for you is important.

Deciding which option is most compatible with your towing rig will make the buying decision all that smoother. To pinpoint your towing mirror needs and help you decide on a model, all you need to do is ask yourself the following questions:


Do you want to remove your existing mirrors?

Whether you are willing to remove your existing mirrors or not will play a huge role in your decision. For those who do not want to go through the trouble of removing their stock mirrors, there are clip-on or suction models available. They effectively act as extension mirrors, and can be easily installed and removed.

Replacement mirrors, on the other hand, require you to remove your stock mirrors and install the new ones. This process might require you to go to a mechanic, especially if you decide on a model with electronic adjustment motors.

While they are more expensive and challenging to install, replacement mirrors provide more stability and security than extension options. In addition, they are far more durable than clip-on or suction mirrors.

How long is your towed vehicle?

The longer the load you are towing, the bigger your mirror needs to be. A 10-foot horsebox and a 60-foot RV pose very different rear view challenges. Your mirror needs to be large enough for you to easily see the back of your towed vehicle, in other words, there should be no blind spots.

If you have an extremely long trailer, there simply might not be a mirror big enough to work. Luckily, there is a huge choice of extendable towing mirrors on the market. These telescopic models allow you to extend your mirrors further out from your car to achieve a wider viewing angle.

On the other hand, clip-on or suction type extension mirrors can be extremely effective if you are not towing anything too long, or too far. It is also useful to consider how your towing needs might evolve and change in the future. Going with a larger mirror than you currently need can help you transition to a longer load if you want to.

Is there a custom towing mirror for your specific vehicle model?

Towing mirrors are a crucial safety feature and increase confidence and performance on the road. Unfortunately, they can be quite hard on the eyes. For those drivers looking for a stock look without having to replace their mirrors, most of the big truck manufacturers offer custom towing mirrors for specific models.

This is a mid-priced, semi-permanent solution. They usually do not require any tools for installation. These slide-on mirrors give your car a clean, sleek, factory-like look. You just need to check if a model exists for your specific vehicle.

What additional features do you need?

Towing mirrors range from the simple to the high-tech. Depending on your budget, your towing mirrors can be kitted out with all the features of a modern top-of-the-line car mirror.

Heated mirrors are ideal for those driving in cold weather, or who just want a convenient way of remove morning dew. Some dual mirrors only have a heated main mirror, so look out for this if cold weather driving is something you will be doing often.

The second additional feature is an integrated turn signal. The mirror comes with all the necessary wiring, and just hooks up to the electronics of your car like a regular mirror. Needless to say, your car needs to be fitted with mirror turn signals to begin with in order for the blinkers to work.

Last but not least, the ultimate in mirror-maneuvering convenience: your towing mirror can be fully power adjustable. Nothing changes in your car’s interior: you just use the pre-existing mirror angle controls, just like normal.

Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Towing Mirrors

As we mentioned earlier, towing mirrors are as diverse and different as the vehicles that they are installed on. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are a few key features you should understand and pay attention to when looking to by trailer mirrors.

When conducting our research on the best towing mirrors available online today, we selected a couple of key characteristics that will help you differentiate the different between models, at a glance. The following is a breakdown of each characteristic, as well as an explanation of how different stats affect performance and usefulness.

The basic characteristics of each model of towing mirror are: type, size, single/double and features. Here is a breakdown of what each of these stats mean, and how they should influence your buying decision.



All towing mirrors fall into one of the following categories: universal, custom or replacement towing mirrors. They vary significantly in form, function as well as price and ease of installation.

Universal Towing Mirrors

Universal mirrors are the ones that you attach onto your existing mirrors for an extended field of view. They are easy to take on and off, and are the cheapest option of the three. They do not have any of the advanced features as replacement towing mirrors.

Custom Towing Mirrors

Custom mirrors are simply slide-on extension mirrors that are custom-made for specific truck models. Not all makes and models have a customized tow mirror model, so check online or with your local car dealer. Replacement mirrors are more streamlined than universal ones, but lack the additional features of replacement models.

Replacement Towing Mirrors

For the most serious of RV drivers, there is no substitute for the replacement mirror. These models are more expensive than universal or custom models, but provide superior functionality as well as safety features like a heater and a turn signal. They are the most stable option, as they bolt right into your existing mirror infrastructure.


The size of your towing mirror should meet your visibility needs. Towing a compact, short trailer requires a far smaller mirror surface than towing something far wider and longer. The longer and wider your load, the larger mirror surface you will need.


When it comes to how many reflective surfaces you can have on your mirror, it’s either one or two. Single mirrors are just that, one piece of reflective material, just like a regular mirror.

Double towing mirrors, on the other hand, consist of one larger flat mirror and one smaller convex one, usually near the bottom or corner of the model. This additional mirror provides an extra wide field of view, so you can be sure there are no blind spots behind you.


Features add additional convenience and safety to your mirror. The big ones to look out for are heated mirrors, power adjustable mirrors, telescoping mirrors, and integrated turn signals.

Telescoping Mirrors

Telescoping towing mirrors allow you to retract or extend the mirror arm length. This means you can adjust how far the mirror extends from your vehicle.

The fully extended position is used for towing the largest loads. The telescoping feature lets you return the mirrors to a normal, non-towing position when you are driving around unencumbered.

Heated Towing Mirrors

Depending on where you live, and what destinations you will be driving to, heated mirrors may or may not be a must-have feature. They are lifesavers in cold climates, as they melt any ice that has formed on your mirrors, and prevents further ice build-up and fogging.

If you do not plan to drive in extremely cold weather, the heating function might not need to be utilized at all. A rule of thumb is, if you already use the heating function of your existing mirrors, get a heated towing mirror. It is important to note that most dual models only heat the main mirror.

Integrated Turn Signal

Changing your existing mirrors with replacement towing models does not mean you will lose the integrated turn signal feature. There are many models with integrated turn signals that will give you increased visibility and provide a safer driving experience.

Power Adjustable

Towing mirrors that are power adjustable let you electrically modify the angle of your main mirror. If your vehicle is pre-equipped with power adjustable mirrors, you can continue using this feature with your replacement mirrors.


Can I go through a car wash with my trailer mirrors?

If you have installed replacement mirrors, it is not a problem to go through a car wash with them, as they behave exactly like your stock mirrors. On the other hand, if you have clip-on or another type of temporary trailer mirrors, it is best to remove them when going through any car wash, to avoid damage.

I don’t want to remove my existing mirrors, what should I do?

There are plenty of solutions available for people who want to keep their original truck mirrors. They all work on the same basic principle: an additional mirror surface is attached to your stock mirrors. How they are actually secured to your mirrors is what sets them apart.

These universal mirrors can be attached using straps, clamps and suction cups. An alternative to these universal towing mirrors is a custom tow mirror.

Check with your truck manufacturer to see if there is a custom tow mirror available for your model of vehicle. If there is, it just slips on to your stock mirrors and you are good to go.

Can I control my replacement towing mirrors from inside my vehicle?

Electronic replacement towing mirrors are designed to hook up directly to your existing car electronic circuit. This means that you can still use all the handy mirror control options you are used to, like adjusting the angle and turning the mirror heating on and off.

Be advised that most replacement towing mirrors do not have an electronic fold in function, so you will have to fold the mirrors towards your vehicle manually. As the mirrors are quite large, this feature is likely left out because of safety reasons.

Blinkers are another feature that is available on replacement towing mirrors. It is hooked up to your blinkers, and activating the mirror blinkers does wonders for maximizing your visibility on the road.

Will a universal towing mirror damage my existing one?

Universal towing mirrors clip or strap onto your truck mirrors, so it is important to pay attention to the contact points. Most models have special padded sections to make sure you avoid any damage to your paint job. Watching for early signs of wear and tear is a good way to avoid scratches and damage down the line.

How do I maintain my towing mirror?

Towing mirrors are an important safety feature of your car, so keeping them clean is not only an aesthetic issue but also one of safety. Wash with soapy water and you are good to go. Dirt build up, especially on universal mirrors, can be abrasive to your car’s paint job over time.

Make sure to replace your mirror surfaces if they crack or incur some other form of damage that compromises rear-view visibility. Many manufacturers offer replacement mirrors, so it is a good idea to check with them first.

How complicated is the wiring?

The ideal situation when it comes to wiring is that your replacement towing mirrors plug right into your vehicle, and they are ready to use. However, this is often not the case. If you do not have a clear cut plug and play situation, things can get a bit complicated and frustrating.

Rewiring can be a simple DIY task, and there are a lot of instructional videos available online. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that there will be one for your exact mirror and specific vehicle model.

If you are an old hand at electronics, you could modify your unit by adding pins and wires to the factory side of the connection, i.e. to your truck’s wiring. If you are not sure you can do this successfully, your best bet is to have it done by a certified mechanic and not risk making a mess of things and voiding your warranty.

How do I replace my blinker bulb?

Most blinker bulbs on replacement trailer mirrors are LED, so they should last you a very long time. When they do burn out, you will have to replace them, and the best mirror manufacturers have done their best to make this process simple and easy.

In most models, a strong flat tool is all you will need to snap the blinker out. This can be an upholstery tool, a wide flat head screwdriver or even a sturdy kitchen knife. You then just replace the bulb and snap the blinker back in by hand.


Our #1 Pick: DEDC Ford F250 F350 F450

  • Type: Replacement
  • Single/Double: Double
  • Features: Power operated, heated, blinker, telescoping

The High Points:
Affordable, lots of features, mirrors sold separately
The Low Points:
Limited applications
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The DEDC Ford mirror is a well-priced sturdy replacement mirror, with a lot of useful additional features. It has a textured Black ABS finish, power control, turn signals, heating, as well as manual folding and telescoping.

This DEDC model is double mirrored, with a large flat mirror on top and a smaller convex one at the bottom of the mirror. Only the top mirror is power adjustable and can be heated, while the bottom mirror has no additional features.

These mirrors are OEE replacement mirrors, so they have the same mounting brackets as stock mirrors. This ensures the best possible fit, ensuring maximum performance and none of the vibration that can occur with aftermarket mirrors.

As long as your vehicle is compatible with this model, all of the additional features will work just like on your stock mirror. The downside is that there is no motorized fold-in function. If you prefer smoked lenses over plain ones, DEDC produces these as well.

The warranty is no-matter-what, and is one year long. Another point of interest for some buyers is that this product ships from the US, meaning you can have it delivered very quickly.

What DO reviewers say?

Reviewers are, for the most part, satisfied with this mirror because of its sturdiness and robustness. Value for money is also a bug selling point for this model, as you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

Regarding the quality of the glass itself, some reviewers reported a slight waviness to the mirror, but this in no way adversely affected their user experience and mirror performance. There were no rattling or vibration related complaints, which are common for replacement mirrors.

The turn mirror light received praise for being sharp and bright, and for adding a valuable function to their vehicle. Light bulb replacement is straightforward and does not require a lot of time, effort or skill; given you have bought the correct replacement bulb.

Features & Considerations

The biggest drawback of the DEDC mirror is that it is only compatible with relatively few truck models. When it comes to buying these mirrors, checking compatibility is something you must do in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you do not need all of the features, DEDC produces models just like this one, but with fewer features and a smaller price tag. Be advised, however, there is no option to upgrade later if you decide on a simpler model with fewer functions.


Our #2 Pick: CIPA 11950 Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror

  • Type: Universal
  • Single/Double: Single
  • Features: –

The High Points:
Can be used on any towing vehicle, quick and easy to install and remove, inexpensive
The Low Points:
Not for longer hauls or oversized loads.
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At number two on our list is an inexpensive, lightweight but versatile and useful clip-on mirror. The CIPA 11950 Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror extends your vision by up to 7 feet, and clips on in seconds.

It is designed to fit directly onto your existing truck or van mirror, and requires no tools to install and remove. It does not obstruct any of your existing viewing areas, as it extends from the edge of your mirror. The mirror surface itself is a good size, 5″ by 7.5″, giving you great visibility.

This model is not position-specific, meaning it can fit either on your left or right side. It ships as a single mirror, fully assembled and ready to mount. This item weighs just over one pound, so it is convenient to store and put on and off your vehicle as your needs change.

What Do reviewers say?

This is an affordable and practical product that is great for the casual RV driver, and the reviews reflect this. Reviewers universally met the installation with approval. No reviewers had trouble with mounting and removing this mirror.

You can rotate the mirror from a horizontal to a vertical position, and many users opt for this option. Users with already large mirrors were very happy with this feature.

For its low price, reviewers reported great performance; even though there were some complaints of vibrations at high speeds. The clamps are rubberized, but some users added additional masking tape to the contact points for additional peace of mind.

Features & Considerations

An extremely important consideration with this product is what you will be using it for. While it is great for casual towing over relatively short distances, this mirror is not recommended for extremely long trips or oversized loads.

As with any clip on product, it is important to check the tightness of your clips. Due to prolonged exposure to road vibrations and wind, the mirror might come loose. A brief check-up before your trip should suffice.


Our #3 Pick: CIPA Black USA 10950 Tow Mirror Pair 2014+ Chevy

  • Type: Custom
  • Single/Double: Single
  • Features: –

The High Points:
Sleek, elegant design. Tool free installation. Perfect fit on the correct vehicle.
The Low Points:
Model specific to your vehicle, not universal.
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At number three on our list is a custom mirror option, the CIPA Black USA 10950 Tow Mirror. It made our list because of its sleek and streamlined design.

Unlike many custom towing mirrors that look out of place and bulky on your vehicle, CIPA makes mirrors that look just like your stock ones, only longer. You get two in the package, so your car will be symmetrical.

This model slides right onto your existing mirror like a glove, and does not obstruct any of your existing mirror surfaces. It snaps into place with a wedge lock security system, ensuring a snug and strong fit. The mirror itself is 4.5 inches wide and 7 inches tall, which provides decent rear visibility and extends your viewing angle significantly.

The CIPA mirror is made of a strong polypropylene plastic that has long term shape conformity. This means you can leave them on your car come rain or shine and not worry about deformations and discolorations caused by the elements.

What Do reviewers say?

Reviewers loved the look and feel of the CIPA mirrors. The fit is snug, which means that there is little to no vibration at all, even at higher speeds. Reviewers noted that even slamming your door hard will not cause these custom mirrors to become loose or maladjusted.

These mirror extensions are designed not to damage your stock mirrors, but some more prudent customers recommend a layer of painters tape between the two mirrors for added protection against scratches and scuffs.

Features & Considerations

These mirrors either fit or they don’t, and there is no viable workaround in the case of the latter. For this reason, it is extremely important to double check that there is a model compatible with your vehicle. There are convenient fitting guides online where you can enter the make and model of your car and instantly see whether it is a fit or not.

There are a lot of mirrors that these custom mirrors simply will not fit. For example, they will not fit onto stock side view mirrors that have additional light features that are not integrated.

These can be LED turn signals, automatic dimming, and puddle lights. In addition, they will not fit over extendable mirrors. On the upside, they will fit full chrome, chrome capped and painted mirrors without a problem.


Our #4 Pick: Fit System 62075-76G Chevrolet/GMC/Cadillac Driver/Passenger Side Replacement Towing Mirror Set

  • Type: Replacement
  • Single/Double: Double
  • Features: Power operated, heated, blinkers, telescope

The High Points:
A wealth of features. Unique blinker design
The Low Points:
Pricey, prone to vibration
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Fit System offers a durable looking replacement double mirror that boasts turn signals, power adjustment, heating as well as telescoping functions. The lower blind spot glass has none of these features, and you need to adjust it manually.

The LED blinker is pretty unique in that it is literally inside the surface of the mirror. A red dotted arrow blinks on the edge of your mirror surface, and is almost invisible when the blinkers are off. One downside to this is that only people behind you can see your blinker, as opposed to conventional mirror blinkers that are visible from most angles.

Users operate the telescoping function manually, and lets you tweak how much rear visibility you have. When closed, the mirror is 14” away from your window, and this distance is 18” when the mirror arm is fully extended.

When it comes to connecting to your vehicle’s power circuit, the Fit System has an OE comparable wiring harness. This means you avoid the dreaded pigtail connector, and should theoretically have a smoother installation.

What DO reviewers say?

Unlike other replacement mirror, most reviewers found it quite straightforward to install and wire. All that you need is a wrench and a socket and some elbow grease.

However, there are reports that over-tightening can lead to slower window movement when you want to roll them up or down. The factory foam gasket is not sufficient, so many reviewers just reused their factory one.

The one thing reviewers agree on is that the mirror looks pretty decent, just like a normal factory mirror. The wiring is by and large reliable, and they did not find any issue with the mirror’s additional features.

The most prevalent complaint, and the reason this mirror is not higher on our list, is vibration. Quite a lot of reviewers complain that the mirrors vibrate profusely at higher speeds and on bumpier roads.

This is particularly true of the passenger side mirror. Although this could be due to sub-par installation, it is a definite red flag with this product.

Features & Considerations

If your vehicle has a curb assist feature, it should be turned off from your driver information center (DIC), accessed by the “i” on our steering wheel.

Turning curb adjustment off will stop your mirrors from moving in an unplanned way. According to the manufacturer, the convex mirrors do much the same job as curb assist, so you will not be losing functionality.


Our #5 Pick: JR Products 2912

  • Type: Universal
  • Single/Double: Single
  • Features: Telescoping

The High Points:
Adjustable angle and distance from stock mirror. Works on any vehicle mirror.
The Low Points:
Relatively expensive, prone to vibration.
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The JR Products 2912 Grand Aero Towing Mirror comes as a pair of two, so both your driver and passenger side have increased visibility. The mirror glass is 8.5” x 6” and is slightly convex. The product also comes with a convenient carrying case.

For a universal clamp-on mirror, it is quite expensive, but the manufacturer sites wind tests of up to 240 mph and fold back tests up to 169 mph. As the mirror attaches with just two clamps, this should be taken with a grain of salt.

The mirrors telescope by manually loosening two large bolts (no tools required), and pulling out the mirror arm to your desired length, then tightening again. Nothing fancy, but quite effective and easy to do.

The main reason this mirror is not higher on our list is simply because of its looks. It strikes us as bulky, and cumbersome; more like an afterthought than something designed to follow the flow of your vehicle.

What DO reviewers say?

The easy clamp-on fitting system is a definite hit with reviewers, as is the solid build and no-nonsense approach. Users who remove and mount the mirrors frequently benefited from this the most.

The convexity of the mirror surface received praise and critique in equal measure. Some users found it difficult to get used to, especially as the reflection differs from the one on the stock mirrors. Others were happy with the wider field of view that the universal mirrors provide.

Jiggling and vibrations are a frequent peeve with this model, particularly at greater speeds. Although this might be due to loose stock mirrors, the extension certainly magnifies this problem.

Features & Considerations

As with other universal options, you need to know what applications it is good for, and when to go for a more permanent solution. They do not recommend the mirror for long journeys, nor for extremely large loads.

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